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First Communion Invitation Wording

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First Communion Invitation Wording

Your child’s First Communion is a special day for you and your child. You bought your daughter a beautiful gown and your son looks so handsome in his white suit. Show your guests how important this day is by inviting them with a meaningful and beautiful invitation.

Below are several First Communion Invitation Wording ideas.  These work great as is or feel free to combine wording styles.  Just remember to keep it simple and the time/date/location clear.


Sample Wording:

David and Sarah Murphy

Invite you to attend the

First Holy Communion

Of their daughter

Emily Rose

Sunday, the twenty-third of April

Eleven o’clock in the morning

St. Mary’s Catholic Church

45 Styler Road

Springfield, Pennsylvania

Please join us as

Joshua Richard Horn

receives the sacrament of

Holy Communion

Saturday, April 3rd

2:00 pm

St. John’s Lutheran Church

1002 S Main Street

Clayton, Indiana


Dinner immediately following

Alexander Jones

would like you to

Join him and his family

As he receives

His First Holy Communion

Sunday, March 31, 2019

10:00 am

Our Lady of Peace Parish

32 Carroll Avenue

Westville, Virginia


Luncheon to follow

12 noon

Inn at Winding Creek

16 Winding Creek Lane

Westville, Virginia


If spaces allows, adding a quote at either the beginning or end of your invitation can add a personal touch. Here are some examples:


“As you pray to God above, Jesus fills you with his love.”

“The bread of life… the cup of joy… this will be a blessed day!”

“May the Lord give His angels charge over you to guide you in all your ways.”

“May God, who brought you to this special day, continue to direct your life in a special way.”

“This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.” – Psalm 118:24

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No Soliciting

I work from home. I love it, nice quiet afternoon (when the kids are at school), just me my thoughts and the dogs.  That is until someone knocks on the door.

I get sales people of all kinds, lawn treatment, vacuum sales and the newest – most persistent – solar panels. Not to mention the bible toters trying to persuade this heathen to come join their congregation.  It is non-stop.

I receive regular deliveries from my favorite UPS guy so, when that doorbell rings I jump up like a kid on Christmas morning running to the tree. Imagine my disappointment to find someone outside trying to sell me something I don’t what and really don’t need.

The worst part of all this is the dogs.  I have two dogs a German Shepard and Pit Boxer mix, and boy can they bark!  They get so excited and riled up that I can barely open the door to shoo the salesperson away.  I have now reverted to hiding in hopes they don’t see me and just leave.

Today I thought maybe I should post a sign, “No Soliciting”. To my surprise I found quite a few nice ones.  I may just be posting one of these at my front door!  Which one do you like the best? Help me decide.

So my babies aren’t taking naps anymore but, this is too funny…

Because who can say no to Girl Scout Cookies!

The true way to my heart!


Yep, pretty much sums it up!